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Weather and Clock for kidsKids now have their own weather and clock app! A funny speaking mouse tells to children in real time the current temperature, the weather forecast for the next 7 days, the current time and the current day. With a very intuitive interface, kids have access to all this information, even if they cannot read. They can also switch to another place in the world to discover what the weather and time is there.


Weather and Clock for kids (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

And because kids like to have fun, they can also interact with elements, with this app, just to see what happens:
-listen to the hilarious mouse radio with original songs and comedy presented in mouse language
-eat the lunches, or interact with the elements on the table
-open or close the window
-light and put out the fire

The app has been designed to surprise kids, which is why elements change depending on various factors:
-outfits of the mouse changes depending on the weather and time
-lunches change and/or appear depending on the time of the day, and when lunch is over, other interactive elements appear
-wallpaper changes randomly

App Educational content

Weather and Clock for Kids will help your children get familiar with reading time thanks to the 2 clocks present in this game, one analog and one digital. When kids click on any of these clocks, the mouse tells them the time. Kids will also learn the days of the week, thanks to the wall frame with the current day, and the weather forecast for the following days.


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App Reviews –  Press

“Those cute and lovely details make this weather and clock app for kids a really special, beautiful and educational children’s app.” – Top Best Apps for Kids

“A deceptively simple app that actually packs a lot of content into a tidy package.” – Smart Apps for Kids

kids learn the time and weather while having fun interacting with the app” – Appszoom (android)

Weather and Clock for Kids is a very useful, fun and interesting application.” – Best Apps Kids

Weather for Kids is a very child friendly app where children can access the time and weather” – iHeartThisApp

“A fun way for young children to learn about the weather and time” – The iMums

Weather and Clock for Kids is a fun way to help teach children about everyday concepts, like time, the days of the week and weather” – Fun2Tap

Built with Corona SDK

Help – App Support


Weather forecast provider

Weather data is provided by Weather Underground.

App Availability

The application is available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (tablets and smartphones), and Kindle Fire.
Android markets where apps from Kidoteca can be found: Google Play, Samsung Apps, Yandex, Amazon Appstore for Android, T-Store, Synapsy, Mobiroo, .

Kidoteca is a studio developing apps for kids on iOS and Android. We think education can be fun, and our philosophy is to promote learning through game and discovery. Our apps are designed to be perceived by children as original toys, easy to handle, and always bringing something new to their vision of the world.
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