Nono’s Adventures in Amazonia

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Nono's Adventures in AmazoniaA funny and educational adventure game for kids 3+!

In this first episode your children are going to help Nono, a sympathetic alien, finding his way in the wild rainforest and discovering all the wonders of Amazonia.

App Features

✭ amazing graphics in HD (for compatible devices)
✭ animations of all the animals
✭ original and smart minigames especially designed for kids, including action, puzzle, memory and patience games
✭ name of animals and fruits written and spoken in 10 languages

The young gamers will also be able to:
✭ take pictures of the animals and add special effects
✭ collect the objects lost by Nono in the forest and hidden by the animals
✭ earn new funny objects by playing the minigames
✭ play music with the collection of objects


✭ no ads
✭ no in-app purchases

For more details, see our full apps privacy policy.

App educational content

The educational virtues of this game are to promote the discovery of new environments, to develop new skills through our special minigames, and to consolidate the child autonomy by allowing an important degree of freedom.

Built with Corona SDK

Help – App Support

Please contact us by email [email protected]


App Availability

The application is available in beta for Android (tablets and smartphones).


Kidoteca is a studio developing apps for kids on iOS and Android. We think education can be fun, and our philosophy is to promote learning through game and discovery. Our apps are designed to be perceived by children as original toys, easy to handle, and always bringing something new to their vision of the world.
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