Magical Music Box – Support

How to use manually the Magical Music Box?

Apply your finger on the screen and do regular rotations. You can do circles around the white arrow on the bottom right part of the circle, or around the center part of the Music Box itself.
The white arrow indicates the right direction to do the circles, however you can go in the opposite direction and play the songs in reverse (usually kids find it very funny).

How to select a new box/theme?

Select Music Box

How to select a new song ?

Song selection

How to read information and lyrics (when available) about the song currently selected ?

Song information

How to play automatically a song ?

Automatic playing mode

Once the song is playing automatically, you can use the following controls:
Automatic mode controls

blue button: choose between repeat and random modes
red button: stop automatic playing
green button: select randomly another song

How to set the timer ?

The timer allows to prevent the screen from switching off automatically. The time indicated is the number of minutes during which the screen is going to stay “ON”. When the time is over, the screen will switch OFF automatically according to the device settings.
To enable the timer mode, open the parameter screen:
parameters selection
Then click on the “timer” button to select the time you want the screen to stay ON:
timer selection

How to open the parents section?

You have to hold the button for 3 seconds:
parents section

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